Have a Very Merry Christmas


I’m heading to my family’s Christmas tonight, and am so excited to share the evening with these special people. They’ve shaped who I am in so many ways, and I’m grateful for their love and laughter. Tonight, we’ll exchange homemade gifts, a tradition Mom and Dad started several years ago, and one that we’ve all fallen in love with (pictures will come!). These gifts I’ve received over the years have become treasured keepsakes, because I know they’re from the heart and are specially tailored for each person. That’s what Christmas has become for our family: love displayed in a careful relationship with each person, thought out, tenderly crafted, and gifted.

I think about that message that my parents have passed down through those sometimes simple gifts, and see Jesus written all over it. The love, the carefully thought out, personal relationship, and the gifted love wrapped in the package of peace. Last night I pulled open my bible to the Christmas story in Luke 2 and Simeon’s prayer of peace – his Nunc Dimittis – reading:

That’s the message of Christmas as I see it. Jesus, born to die and save all the nations – a light and revelation to the Gentiles and the Jews. I ponder this today with a sense of renewed awe at the glorious gift that we celebrate this weekend and echo angels from so long ago… glory to this God in the highest who has chosen to bring hope and light to a world that is so in need of that life.


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