Sometimes its the smallest things in the world around me that sparks a great dose of creativity. The thing I love about creativity is that it leads to a long string of effects: creativity leads to inspiration, which leads to expression, which I hope leads to a life that’s alive and vibrant with color. The way God created us to be, seeing Him in the little things of life. I love how Rich Mullins put it: “The longer I live, the more I have this feeling like God looks down, like when you’ve just bitten into a vanilla ice cream cone, you just get the feeling God’s going, ‘Yes! He enjoys it! I made his taste buds and I made vanilla – and he’s putting it together and he’s experiencing what I created him to experience.”

Here’s a few things that are keeping me inspired these days:


I’m loving Pinterest for the artsy stuff, design inspirations, and just fun pieces of crafty details. It’s a slight addiction, but certainly one that keeps me inspired!

inspiration pictures via Pinterest

at work: (Check out where I work here.)

This comes pretty easy with my job. All I have to do is take a look at some of those precious faces of children who now have a family to know that it’s making a difference in a life in Haiti. That expounds ten fold in being with these precious kids – who were orphans and now radiate with the joy that only comes from being showered with love themselves. To hold them. To know them by name… this is inspiring.

To know that a woman who has sold herself into prostitution because she was THAT desperate is heartbreaking. To see her small child suffering alongside that young woman, and knowing that they’ll just continue the cycle as they grow up, is almost more than anyone can bear. But then, there’s the inspiring change that I know I’m a part of too. The women that seek help and desire to change. The women who find healing in Jesus… that’s inspiring. To sit and eat with them is some of the most humbling and inspiring moments I’ve ever had. And when I’m not there, to just remember the HOPE that graced these precious faces…


I surround myself with quotes from people’s walk with God, with the Bible, and some of those amazing verses of hope and depth. I pray with people, who teach me through prayer the eloquence that flows through the Spirit to God. I study. I linger in the moments with God that are unexpected… I listen and learn through the everyday… and I’m inspired.

They’re often simple things. Elements in the world around me, and people that God’s placed in my life. I love that, and it reminds me over and over again to look for those small things.

What inspires you?


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