I moved my office downstairs a couple of months ago, and finally got everything finished and put together. I’m loving the end result. At heart, I’m a designer – and an activist. And so the things I’ve surrounded myself with at work combine those passions and elements. I love creating environments that are aesthetically pleasing, but keep the heart of the matter at the forefront.

Working for a ministry brings those two worlds together in some conflicting ways. As an artist, surrounding myself with things that inspire and stimulate creativity (like I’ve mentioned in the post before) is important and very much a part of who I am. But the weight of the stories and realities of the people I am here for tugs on the opposite side, sometimes making me feel as though I’m missed the mark all together and should just get rid of everything.

I think anytime we see a world different from ours – less privileged – and see the people effected most by extreme poverty (in my case, that’s consistently orphans and exploited women, selling themselves just to survive, and care for their child) you can’t walk out of that without seeing your world in a totally different light. The reminders of that are in the emails through the week from overseas, and the faces of children I work with every day. It’s good, and it’s hard, all wrapped up in one. And so I do my best to work and live in both worlds…

The solace I see is in the words boldly painted on the office wall. We cannot change the whole world. But we can do our part individually and together as we redeem, restore and renew in the hope found in Jesus.

To see more of what I do, check out Loving Shepherd Ministries.


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