Trafficking & a Generation Seeking Justice

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

photograph via Human Trafficking, City Club of Portland

My generation seems to have jumped on a bandwagon. Many are saying that we’re only advocating because it’s popular and the hip thing to do while others (I think the ones who understand a little more) realize that there’s an awakening in our hearts.

You see, I think the difference is this: the worst forms of human trafficking at the highest rates in human history (27 million worldwide- including the US) – we’re seeing it and hearing about it and talking about it more openly than ever before – and we won’t stand back anymore. We’re seeing the worst kinds of human depravity. And it’s struck a cord.

But what’re we really talking about?

This 30 minute video is a tremendous ‘parable’ about modern-day human trafficking that I’d encourage you to take the time to watch. Watch, read stories of millions of children, real victims and real life accounts of trafficking at the links below. And let your heart be changed too.

For more information, ways to get involved and specific areas to pray:

Human Trafficking:

CNN Freedom Project:

Not for Sale:

The Candy Shop:

Loving Shepherd Ministries:

Together, let’s strike a cord for justice!


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