Drinking Deeply

“Drink deeply to give generously.” – Mike Dworak, Perspectives

These last couple of weeks have been challenging, tiring, and so rewarding. Another round of Perspectives classes have started in the area, and that’s led a series of awesome conversations, great teaching and the start of some good friendships. I’ve been really… humbled to see God moving like he has been. I guess that’s been as much for me personally as for the class. Personally, life is changing too, and merging into new seasons. They’re good changes.

Do you ever sense that God is just filling you up so deeply that you could just burst with your love for him? I haven’t felt that in a long time, but as it washes over me now, it feels like a refreshing river of life that I’ve hungered for in a valley for far too long. And yet I know that to drink this deeply means that there will be bountiful needs to give generously. There are every day, all around me, and I want to share as my cup runs over…

I don’t have anything profound to share. Just a full heart that has drank deeply amidst a daily grind. It’s been meaningful in ways that probably don’t mean much to others, in very small personal moments. But I’m grateful. We serve a God that good. Today, I just want to post some of that praise.

On a slightly connected note, I thought this was a great video that makes me think of worshipping in heaven with people from around the world. Pretty amazing 🙂 And I bet this guy had a blast making this.


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