Birthdays & Injera


Back from Florida, where we had great WARM weather the last few days, and I spent most of those days at the pool, which was entirely refreshing. We went to a great Ethiopian restaurant for dinner as well, which was great as an early birthday present (although I can’t say my parents really enjoyed the food, it was a great cultural experience for them, and so fun to share a piece of culture that’s meant so much to me 🙂 ).

While there, I was able to keep up a bit on work (while by the pool, but don’t tell anyone 🙂 ) and do some reading. I’ll keep my recommendations short, but would highly recommend checking out PRICELESS by Tom Davis and JESUS FOR PRESIDENT by Shane Claiborne (or really any of Shane’s books, I’m just reading that one currently.)

I’m back for a few days catching up on stuff in the office, a great night at Perspectives and celebrating my birthday with family and then I’m off again to Portland, OR for the JUSTICE conference later this week. So looking forward to those sessions and hope to glean much. Being surrounded by passionate people hungry for steps toward greater activism sounds like a GREAT place to be!

So with that, I take another step, another year older, on this journey of a thousand miles.


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