Normal, Unqualified People


I updated the look of the blog a bit today, and ran across a quote in RELEVANT magazine I wanted to share as I think of the last post on Joseph Kony. I think of the inadequacies I feel when approaching huge obstacles in helping people – numbers I can’t even comprehend like 143,000,000 orphans and 40,000 girls in 4 miles selling themselves out of desperation. But this is a good thing to hear:

“Normal, unqualified people who simply put one foot in front of the other can change things. God hasn’t called us to be spectators while other do the heavy lifting. We need to be about the things Jesus talked about, and give our lives to them. It won’t be convenient, nor easy, but it will be worth it. Quit waiting for others to take the lead. In your personal life, in what you devote your time and resources to, in your calling, the time for status quo is over. It’s time to be the change you want to see.” -Cameron Strong

So I’m challenging myself. This is about getting creative in the ways God’s gifted me and you, and doing something bigger for the things that are closest to the heart of God, and to our heart.

(All photo credits to Unseen Ministries, New Hope for Orphans, Cambodia. Just thought they were worth sharing!)


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