Justice, Sacrifice & Secret Church


Want a little clearer picture of what the Justice Conference is all about? Check out this awesome video recap of the event in Portland (and seriously think about signing up for Philly 2013. It’s gonna be awesome!)

Seriously though, I think one of the biggest things we often take from conferences and big events or trips where people are really pumped up about something is that we then have to back to ‘normal’ life where people aren’t nearly as excited about serving God, and ‘everyday stuff’ gets in the way. That’s generally how I feel anyway.

But there have been a couple times, in conferences like this that are so focused and purely surrounded with the heart of God, that I’ve walked away with a totally different feeling. I walked away this time excited to come home. Excited, because I wanted to dive into the teaching and encouragement I’d received. Excited, because this conference wasn’t about feeding my ego. It was about sending me out.

That’s why I get excited about the Justice Conference. It’s meant for action.

World Vision Act:s is going through a series for LENT where you’re encouraged to give things up to focus on Christ. It’s a pretty cool program, and I was thinking about it this week as I’ve read through the emails. This week’s message: SACRIFICE WHAT CONSUMES YOU.

I think about that in light of some of the teachings from the Justice Conference, and in light of Easter right around the corner, and in light of the everyday life I live… and it’s a good reflection phrase. What can or SHOULD I sacrifice in light of Christ, in light of this justice and righteousness I want to live out? What can I sacrifice that consumes my time, my heart, my mind? What instead, can I fill those thoughts and time with? What will lead me to greater strides in justice and compassion and righteousness?

One thing I’m ‘sacrificing’ next week, is a little sleep… and probably some comfort on Good Friday from 7pm -1am. If you’re interested in joining me in SECRET CHURCH let me know. For 6 hours, we’re going to be gathered around a screen, learning and listening and praying for the persecuted church. We’re going to dive into the meaning of Sacrifice and suffering. We’re going to do it for our brothers and sisters around the world – and hopefully gain a better grasp of what they crave and risk everything for – in secret.

It’s justice. It’s sacrifice. It’s discipleship – all wrapped up in steps that can be filled with such Joy when I let myself get out of the way.


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