If this sounds familiar, it’s from my previous blog, and was a hit. I thought I’d share it here, and be reminded myself… Enjoy!

My mom used to tell a story about a little firefly named Freddie who went on many adventures. And I remember sticky summer nights in the backyard, catching the dancing lights in jars. Those were sweet days of childhood.

Image: galaDarling 

Sometimes I miss those carefree summer nights with Freddie and his glittering friends where my imagination could run wild and the sky was the limit. But I’m realizing something of a parallel in my life with Freddie’s. Its easy to flicker and wane, like Freddie the firefly when he one day got caught in a jar. It wasn’t so bad at first. In fact, for a while, he barely noticed his glass prison.

But slowly it was as if he had seen the world around him and watched as others flew by, but couldn’t understand what held him back from the freedom of the wind. The glass was deceptive in its transparency, making the firefly think he was free, when he really wasn’t.

Image: Fancy House Road

Upon being set free, however, Freddie soared with his friends and family in the night sky and created a light show fit for a king. It is the way Freddie was made to be: free.

Freddie’s simple stories as a little girl came back to me last night as I was thinking about life as a disciple of Jesus. Sometimes, its easy to freely wander into the glass cage, almost unknowingly as we flitter through our everyday. And as we watch the brilliant show outside, we slowly realize that there’s a barrier (and sometimes a labyrinth of those barriers) that holds us back from freedom.

As I pursue God more and more intimately, I see those barriers between holding on to what is familiar and truly shining like I am called to for Jesus. Sometimes the barrier is the materialism in my culture. Or friendships, relationships – things that make me too comfortable. It’s my goals. It’s my selfishness, my lack of confidence in what I’m capable of… these things are like glass walls that hold me back from being a part of something brilliant… SOMETHING FIT FOR A KING.

What does it look like though, when the Master comes and sets you free? Sometimes it takes a bit to shake me out of the jar, as if there’s something far more comfortable resting on the glass. The world (and what God is asking us to do) can look a bit distorted from there. But you know what? When you let God set you free from those “barriers”, you’re free to SOAR.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Very nice, made me feel like I need to take a minute and listen a little better.

  2. Elle says:

    Love your blog! I came across it in a search for fireflies.
    One sentence reads a little funny though, maybe you didn’t notice… you’re “a lover of…hurting people around the world”. I thought maybe this isn’t what you meant to write so figured I’d let you know how that reads.. 🙂 anyway, lovely presentation!

    1. Elle says:

      sorry ‘through’*

    2. Amber says:

      Thanks 🙂 And thanks for commenting on the note there… it did sound funny 😦

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