Holiness & What I’ve been Thinking About…

I read a lot of articles. A lot of them are relevant with my job (I blog for LSM here, which you should check out sometime – I share a lot more over on that platform). One of my favorites for Christian inspiration is Relevant Magazine, which has some great thoughts tackling the current issues in today’s culture. I thought this was worth sharing because the topic (holiness) is something we talk about striving for in Christianity, and yet find so hard in our culture. This article helped me understand why a little more:

“Instead of focusing on the diversity of self-expression, Scripture repeatedly turns its attention toward the pattern of self-expression: the person of Christ and the means He established to bring believers into conformity with Him. The Christian identity is given in union with Christ and by a life within Christian community, as the book of Ephesians repeatedly emphasizes… The primary concern of the new testament is not aesthetics or fashion but faith working through love.

(Insert ouch for all of my foolish girly fashion desires…)

The faith, hope and charity that set Christians apart in the world are not aesthetic markings, but rather expressive behaviors that reshape a Christian’s muscles and organs. Holiness, in other words, can’t be tattooed on – it can only be cultivated through the practices of the Christian life…

The purpose and goal of Christian freedom is love and unity, which sometimes may mean joyfully relinquishing desires for the sake of others. This should not be occasions for asserting one’s rights against others but of listening, learning and seeking the unity God has brought in Christ.”

I don’t have a lot to add to this, just that it’s something I’m finding worth pondering. When so much of the culture around me screams out for me to be an individual, concerned only with myself and the name I can make for ‘me’, this brings a totally different perspective. A higher one. So I’m taking this thought and walking with it this week:

“Holiness isn’t something that can be tattooed on – it can only be cultivated through the practices of the Christian life…” 


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  1. Javon says:

    so true, thanks for the reminder and new perspective, amber.

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