A Weekend in Chicago


Catching up from last weekend finally (it’s been a crazy week.) Sunday morning, Regan and I took off for the rest of the extended weekend in Chicago. Here’s a bit of what we did. Super fun times 🙂

Dim Sum, A traditional Chinese Brunch in Chinatown. It was awesome, and a fun way to start the weekend out. Really reasonable prices (especially considering the amount of food we tried.) We did some shopping in Lincoln Park at our favorite boutiques, and had dinner at what’s becoming our favorite, a Tapas Bar with some fabulous presentations to the food!

Symphony Orchestra in Millenium Park (Free!) and of course, a trip to the Bean. It was a great way to spend the evening. The symphony was amazing, and we really enjoyed people watching… a lot of people showed up for the event. We felt like locals, which was awesome.

We found a great deal on a downtown hotel, with this amazing view. Love it!

Monday morning, we hit ‘The Original Pancake House” downtown, but somehow failed to get pictures there. It was pretty great, and PACKED. A great local spot.

Monday was pretty much spent at Navy Pier where we walked, found a really cool Stained Glass Exhibit and then sat and watched a Salsa Band (and dancers!) for a long while. It was great!

Ending with Deep Dish Pizza, we had a great time!

Somehow though, it left the rest of the week to play catch up on some freelance projects, work projects that I’m continually feeling behind on, and falling asleep in the middle of it. Oh well. 🙂 Good memories come at a cost, I suppose.


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  1. Vanessa says:

    When we were at Navy Pier in April, Eden fell asleep in her stroller. James, Susan, and I walked through the stained glass exhibit while she was sleeping and we all loved it! Looks like a great trip!

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