Abraham… Faith Like That


Do you ever find something you wrote a long time ago and get hit over the head all over again? I was cleaning out some old emails this morning at the office and found this blog post that I’d done back in 2010 for LSM.

Hebrews 11:8 – “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to the place which he would receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going.”

God called Abraham to leave everything and walk out of his life, not knowing where he was going. Abraham had to put action to his calling, stepping out where God requested. God asked him to show extraordinary faith by leaving everything for his promise of an inheritance.

The point though, is that it’s not extraordinary. For Abraham, it boiled down to a simple act of admission that he wasn’t in charge. He submitted to God, and he went. Worried? Tired? Fearful? Sure. But God didn’t leave him alone either. He gave Abraham the promise of an inheritance to come. It was a choice Abraham had to make, to follow blindly, looking beyond himself.

I’m paralleling this to my life and seeing how desperately hard it sometimes is to step out when I can’t see what’s coming. When God calls, it seems to contradict everything comfortable in my life, and the world scoffs at our helplessness.

But we follow, because we seek not our own comfort, but the Glory of God to resonate through us to this hurting world. Abraham’s life affected the world, as God used the nation of Israel to proclaim His name to the nations. There were moments Abraham failed, but there were also moments when the promise was so clear that he was willing to lay down everything for God, believing in that promise. And in the end, God got the glory.

None of us are exempt from answering God’s calling to move, when it comes.  For some, the call will be to go across the street to the family suffering from divorce, others, to people who’ve never heard the name of Jesus halfway around the world. So often I justify that I’m giving up something astonishing for God in my ‘sacrifice of blind faith’. But it isn’t extraordinary. Its simple obedience for the glory not of ourselves, but of God.

William Borden summed up the life of faith I want to live: “No reserves. No retreats. No regrets.”

I’m moving this week. God opened up some new doors, and I’m stepping into a new place, with new opportunities… well aware of the fact that God has his hands all over this. And yet I still find it easy to wrap myself in the uncertainty of CHANGE. The responsibility. The opportunities I KNOW will come with this new place… I am humbled. I ask for God to teach me more of Him. And He comes in overwhelming waves of simple, faith-building trust.

How’s God teaching you faith today?


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