What’s Inspiring Me Lately


This week I thought I’d leave you with some inspiring articles and some pics to feast on. Hope you enjoy them and are challenged like I was reading them!

Living a Good Story in the Chaos 

via Simple Mom

 “It feels like we’re in a good story — that is, if good stories often have struggle, adventure, and the unknown as part of their plots. I think they do. So I’m probably in a good story. It sounds like many of you are in one, too — or at least, you’re taking steps to make your life a good story…”

Shane Claibourne & Tony Campolo: Community

via Relevant Mag

 “Once a reporter said to Mother Teresa that he couldn’t do what she did if he was paid a million dollars. She answered, “Yes, for a million dollars I wouldn’t do it either.” Jesus is showing us that there is a pearl, a prize, worth leaving everything for. It’s not about what you’ve left, but it’s about what you’ve found.”


via Relevant Mag (sign in and read the whole thing…)

“‘Rescue’ is a confusing word,” Grant says. “In our culture, we tend to think of rescue as a raid—John Wayne goes in, fights and gets them out. While sometimes there is no way to help without doing that, in the place where we work, raids are the most feared thing. Little girls in our programs who write about their perfect world write, ‘It would be a world beautiful with no bad men and no police raids.’”

Getting Over the Number

via LSM 

“Statistics have typically done one of two things for me. They shock me with their hard-to-comprehend numbers, and then make me feel about the size of an ant, totally useless in the scheme of the problem. And so when I look at a number like 143,000,000 orphans, it’s all too easy to  just stand there, looking at that big of a number and feeling pathetically helpless…”


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