Have you ever asked, and received more than you bargained for?

Several years ago, as I was going through college, I remember asking God to use my talents and passions in art and design for something bigger. I sincerely wanted to do something beyond myself, and not get wrapped up in a corporate career that only focused on what I could get out of it.

(photo via Mint Tea & Honey)

What I didn’t quite expect was how much God would mold my heart after His in the process (which is far greater, and more wonderful than I could have imagined.) So in the process of learning and growing and developing into the career choice I made, God also showed me his compassionate heart for the most vulnerable in the world.

And that leads me to now – to advocating for weekends where I see God’s plan for caring for the fatherless in action.

(photograph via Young, Wild & Free)

This weekend is Orphan Sunday. Churches across the nation (and more growing around the world) are standing up on the same day to advocate for the orphan. The church, made up of individuals who have unique gifts and talents and can be used to combat this crisis in many ways, are coming alive. And we’re all seeing the same thing – a crisis of 143,000,000 children who are alone and vulnerable – children who need the church to be His hands and feet and come to them.

What a powerful thing – this concentrated weekend. I’m praying that God does some big things this weekend and touches all our hearts individually (whether for the first time, or with a renewed boost) to care for the orphans who are in desperate need.


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  1. monniiee says:

    Reblogged this on How To Date God and commented:
    I think this is wonderful. I had no idea it was taking place… maybe none of you knew either 🙂

    1. Amber says:

      There’s events going on all over the country. Check it out and see if there’s something in your area! If not, if you head to the Orphan Sunday website, you can watch a pretty cool video and possibly even simulcast into the live event Christian Alliance for Orphans does. Pretty cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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