When It Gets Busy…


Things have been hectic. It seems as though my life is full of surges of commitments that leave me racing followed by moments of brief calm. I’m not sure how to balance this out, but I am learning a few things in the midst of this new surge (some that are just really hard to sink into.)

  • It’s OK to say no.

Sometimes squeezing that extra thing, dinner with someone, or meeting just isn’t going to work. But other times, I could make it happen if I really pushed what I was currently doing. But in light of the next bullet point, I am learning, little by little, to sometimes just back down. I could make something else happen, for someone else – and sometimes it’s important to put others before yourself. But if it happens at the EXPENSE of yourself, it won’t end up helping anyone in the long-run. And so I’m learning my limitations, and learning when I just need to stop.

  • Take time for moments. 

I think it’s part of learning to engage in what I’m doing fully (a long lesson) but if I’m constantly rushing to the next thing, I’ll never enjoy life, enjoy the people I’m with, or the things I’m doing. That’s too often how I feel, and I want to continue to exercise this – to live fully in the moment I’m in, listening to people, loving the minutes with others. Often, I’m finding, this comes when I’m learning to say no to the ‘extras’ that wear me out.

  •  Listen for God in the middle of madness.

More and more I realize how God’s in everything… the craziness and the quietness. And He longs to speak into all of it. If I’m rushing around like a mad-woman, I find it hard to hear him, while in the quiet, sometimes that voice is painfully clear. The more I go, the more I’m trying to find God right where I’m at. In the snow that fell for a while this morning, to the conversation with my sister this evening about serving God and in the personal time when I sit quietly with God. Taking those times, those moments, and looking for God’s grace in the middle of them really makes all the difference… and when I see Him in life, it makes me want to slow down a little more and ponder it.

Contemplation… a wonderful, hard learned message in the fast paced Western world. (And if you need an aid, check out this link for Homemade Chai Tea.)

I don’t know about you, but holidays don’t normally slow anything down, so I anticipate some of you are at least looking towards a surge of activity. How do you keep life in a balance?


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  1. Dave Boller says:

    Well done, Amber! I try to stay in balance by keeping my focus on the Lord! It’s often extremely difficult at times, but consistency seems to work best for me. Have a great day! 🙂

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