Giving Thanks.


Today, I’m giving thanks for a number of blessings. I’m sipping on fair trade coffee in my  house, basking in the quietness of the morning before heading off to worship and spend time with family.

I’m so thankful for the people God’s put in my life. Family, with all their quirks, and friends who come in all shapes and sizes and personalities.

And the longer I hold my hands around the warm mug of brew, the longer the list of thanks becomes… I’m giving thanks for the incredible work He’s doing around the world. I’m giving thanks for the chance I have to be a small part of that.

Last night, I was reminded of yet another reason to give thanks, even in pain. I was at an event to pray for the Persecuted church. We met in a basement in the dark and sang and read bible verses and had time of prayer together. The ambience was stifling in the dingy room, and with the presence of darkness, it was easy to reach into my imagination and visualize actually meeting as if I might be in trouble if caught. And I realized, not for the first time, how different my life is from many MANY believers around the world.

So today, I’m thankful for where God placed me, and thankful for the reminders, the visualizations, and most importantly, the gift of intercession on other’s behalf.

What’re you thankful for? And how are you showing it? 


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