Help My Perspective, Lord.

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” -unknown

I’m involved in a class called Perspectives, a 15 week course that’s taken on a nationwide (and international) presence to enhance the everyday believer’s part in fulfilling the great commission – so that Jesus’ name is heard in every tongue, tribe and nation.

That’s why I’m a part of it. Because I want to see that beautiful picture from Revelations 7:9-12 lived out in the heavens someday. I want to know that I did what God asked me wherever I was to be a part of that mission. So I’ve taken on a role in the coordinating team, making the class happen and hopefully helping fellow believers find where they fit in the bigger picture.


That’s the great part. And now I’m eyeball deep in the planning of the class, and I keep wondering where the people are going to come from to TAKE the class. See, if people don’t sign up, how do we pay for it? What if people just aren’t interested in the area? What if I’ve said the heart of this wrong and come across badly to people? What if all the efforts just aren’t enough?

Sometimes I think I need a perspectives change. I need to be reminded over and over again that God’s got this. He’s prepping the right people right now for the class. God’s in control, even though I sometimes feel like I’m just spinning out of control in fear of what I might not get.

I guess I’m writing this with a duel purpose. Believers, I’m asking for prayers for this class – that God would just place this on the right people’s hearts who need this right now. Pray that the class would get filled beyond our greatest expectations, and that hearts would be set on fire! And pray that ultimately, God would be lifted up in every place on earth. And maybe… pray for my perspective in this too… that I’d remember the why behind the crazy. Because that really is worth it.

If you’re interested in taking the class in the Adams/Wells, IN area, here’s the details: Pleasant Dale Church, Mondays, Jan 7 – April 22, 6-9 pm.



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