Merry & Bright

Merry Christmas Friends!


I love these times of celebrating Jesus with family. Is it a big affair for your family? It certainly is for ours. Saturday night, with a large family, we drank buttered rum and had a delicious dinner together, sang carols, had wonderful conversations and opened presents together. I’ll celebrate more with family over the next two days – incredibly grateful for the wonderful time with family. I know not everyone can celebrate with family during these days, so I cherish the times I have with them.


I’m also thankful for some quiet moments between gatherings to sit and reflect on the ultimate reason for the season. In church yesterday, they preached on the Resurrection. Odd for Christmas? You’d think, but ultimately, isn’t that why Jesus came? I love that – the message of the birth of a baby was that He would die. And not just die, but die for our saving, and prove everything by rising again to fulfill prophecy and power and that death ultimately has no sting. What a precious, powerful message of truth and love for Christmas.

So wherever this holiday season leaves you, I pray that message is abundantly clear.

May your days by merry and bright.



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