New Beginnings

When I think about the last year, and merge forward into 2013, I can’t quite put all that time and space into words. Stunning beauty, raw emotions, and new experiences continually around the bend… Life is a never-ending adventure. And it seems at the end of a passing year to look a little more like a great river with many twists and turns – and unanticipated views of grandeur. It’s beauty at the fullest.

Life- a gift denied to many. A gift I want to value and share.


When I think about a year well spent, I weigh it mentally with my heart. Did I grow, and find enriching experiences and relationships in the last year? Did I enrich the lives of others? Was I personally challenged? How did I respond to those challenges? What did I see, and where did I go?

And then merging to a new year… what do I want to do differently? What do I want to continue? Who am I doing this life for? What’s my focus for the next year? What will I prioritize?

Reflect on 2012 with these questions too:

Although I’m sure not everyone else is prone to as much self analysis as I am, I find it so rewarding to think through time and experiences and grow. I can’t think of a better time to adjust the sails and round the next bend in life. Who knows what will come in 2013?



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