It seems to me that life is built on a series of foundations. New ideas form all the time, but we need a platform from which to grow and mature them in our lives. If those foundations are solid, they can lead to incredible growth. They’re those monumental plates – things that house our theology, personality, friend circles and direction in life… they define us.


But like all natural foundations in the earth, sometimes plates shift, and old foundations have to give way to new ones when we learn new things and grow to higher planes. Those can be so good, but unless the new foundations are given ample space to grow and develop in the right ways, they won’t be able to hold you up.

Maybe that all seems a little abstract, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot in the last year. Maybe because some of those foundations have been laid more clearly in my own life, and I’ve had to shift some things around to make sense of everything. There’s honestly probably a lot of reasoning for it. But to help explain it a little better, here’s a practical example:


Cat/Dog Theology

(excuse the dreadful graphics… the content’s worth it.)

We just talked about this at our opening night of Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. The concept is based on the personalities of these two animals. In essence, cats look at humans and say: You pet me, you feed me, you love me… I must be god. A dog says close to the same thing: You pet me, you feed me, you love me… You must be god. 

As humans, we often react the same way in our relationship with God. We look at all the blessings we have in the Western world, in our individual lives, and think it must be all about us. But the foundational shift comes when we understand what our response is supposed to be… that it’s really all about God. (I won’t go into more detail than that here, but I’d encourage you to check out the website to dive into that a little further. It’s good, thought provoking material.)

The first time I heard that, it became one of those foundational shifts in my life. That foundation of discovering why I’m here on earth, why God would choose to let me be a part of bringing Him glory led me to change the way I go about life. And from that foundation, my heart changed in many, many areas.

The foundations of faith that I’ve formed in the last few years have been ground-breaking for me. And as I walk with my class over the next 15 weeks of study, I’d like to share a few of the things that’ve stuck out to me as those foundational shifts in understanding and purpose. And hopefully, some of these steps will encourage your journey too…



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