Philly 2013 – The Justice Conference

My heart overflows. I just spend 3 days in Philadelphia at the Justice Conference. There are so many things I could share, but as I start to look back and pray, I am struck by these truths…

(I should probably give a caveat at the beginning of this. Justice is a topic close to my heart. Anyone who’s followed this blog for long as probably picked up on that… and by justice, I mean the belief that no one should ever be sold to someone else for sex. The kind of justice that stands up for the immigrant, the homeless, the raped, the marginalized and the fatherless… the theology outlined below is based on a heart for this kind of personal, individual justice…)


  • Justice is an aspect of God’s character we can’t ignore.

Justice (I mean the real, hard, monotonous justice lived out in every day life kind) may not be sexy – but it is beautiful. It’s not sustained by today’s popularity but instead lived out over a lifetime by Biblical convictions deeply rooted in our hearts.

“Our pursuit of God should inform our pursuit of justice.” –Eugene Cho

  • Follow after Jesus.

Living out justice is about getting down into the nitty gritty with the most vulnerable and doing LIFE with them. It’s what Jesus did – and what He calls us to follow Him in. This marathon of ‘just living’ takes commitment that is focused and grounded in JESUS. If it’s anything less than that, we’ll ultimately fail. 

Do what you love to undo what you hate. Discover how you fit into God’s story. And then do it…” 

  • Go Deep. 

Read Isaiah 58 for 30 days. Look at God’s call for a type of fasting that gives itself away for those who need it most. Ask God to reveal Himself to you through that because we all are gifted in unique ways to do something for someone else. Let His heart steep in you a passion for others – for something beyond yourself. This is the LOVE OF JESUS that overcomes the fear, conquers the monotony and keeps us focused. 

philly 2013

I have pages of notes, postcards of a myriad of organizations to look through and a full heart as I write this. I am so encouraged to see people standing up for God – and for the oppressed and vulnerable around the world at conferences like this. I think God’s doing something… and I’m so thrilled to be a part of it and to have times like this to be fueled for the marathon.

More to come later… but I think that’s enough to process for one evening 🙂



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  1. Sarah F. says:

    Amber, SO thankful the conference didn’t disappoint! 🙂

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