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I thought someone had tried to break into my house while recently when I was gone (funny story, and all’s well in the end), but it had me a little concerned for a couple of days… until somewhere in there, I realized there really wasn’t much someone breaking in would want to take.

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It was an epiphany. If someone broke into my house, what were they going to steal? A tv? Good luck trying to lug that 150 lb thing around – I got it for free anyway. My books? An old laptop? A coffee maker? All in all, there was very little material things that would have been worth breaking in to take.

Do you know how freeing that is? (I’m not saying I want people to  come steal things, nor am I flippantly saying ‘bring it on.’ I’m aware there’s more to a conversation about theft – that’s not the point of this.) What I am trying to say is just this: I was blown away by the simple realization that I could live freely because I’m not holding too tightly onto things I’ve got. Things can be replaced – and it’s easier to swallow when they’re not ‘extremely nice’ things to begin with. In that simple freedom, I see the power behind what Jesus proclaimed when he said, “Don’t store up for yourself treasures on earth…”

I realize that there will likely be points in my life when naturally things will have accumulated more – and I’m not saying that’s necessarily bad either (I think life circumstances require different things at times) – but what I found in that odd situation was a peace I don’t want to forget. When I’m not caught up in the things I have here, I’m not scared of losing them. 

How do you keep that kind of a mentality through life? I’d love to hear from you.



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  1. David Alves says:

    I guess since I’m 63, and have tried to walk in simplicity for most of my life as a believer, I’m somewhat qualified to stab at an answer–at least for me and my wife Marcy (Marcy’s Walk). We KEEP A LIGHT GRIP on our material possessions.

    We see ourselves as stewards of the many things we own (most of them given to us too). As stewards, we realize that what we have is owned by our Father. So we use them joyfully, but just as joyfully release them. This was not easy to walk in our culture, but we’re thouroughly happy as a result.

    You have arrived at such wisdom way ahead of us though. I can’t wait to see what you’ll write when you’re 63 (should Jesus delay in coming to us). Meanwhile, I’m really happy that no one took anything and that you’re the richer for the “epiphany.”

    Keep writing and we’ll keep reading. Blessings.

    1. Amber says:

      Thanks for sharing that David. I am greatly encouraged seeing people who have walked this road before and kept the heart of simplicity alive. It’s certainly a counter-cultural mentality, but one that my friends around the world have really helped me understand over time too… Thanks for the insights. -Amber

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