Preparing: Easter Weekend


This morning, I read from Luke 22-24 of the last supper, the prayer in the garden, the trial, crucifixion and resurrection. And as the wonder of this message washed over me again, I thought about people who have never heard of Jesus. I thought about the privilege I’ve had to know this story my whole life – and to have experienced the reality of cleansing when I made it a personal story. Today, I am praying that God continues to raise up believers all across the world to share THIS MESSAGE this weekend. (Luke 10.2)

Here’s an article worth checking out to walk through the story: World Vision GOOD FRIDAY REFLECTIONS.



Give this Easter: I don’t know how your family celebrates Easter, but as a kid, we always came down to a special Easter breakfast and an easter basket with candy, and some kind of small gift. It was a special celebration in our spring dresses. I don’t have kids, but I think I’d be excited to use Easter as an opportunity to teach my kids to share with others around the world through opportunities like this:

Heifer International allows you to give people who really need it some real chicks, live Easter bunnies, or a little lamb. “Heifer International works with communities in need around the world to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth. Your gift will give families the resources and training they need to lift themselves from hunger and poverty.”

And because holidays always inspire super-cute craft ideas, here’s one I’m gonna try: 

Origami Easter Bunnies

Hope your Easter weekend is filled with reflections and fresh eyes as you look at the power of the Cross.



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