Secret Church & Hosting a Church Planter


It’s Wednesday night and I’m thinking of so many things I could write about from the last few days. Heavy theology, hosting new people, and a lot of challenging conversations. And while I feel a little spent, I’m also really glad for it. Here’s a few of the highlights:

Secret Church: (Intensive Bible Study and Prayer for Chinese Muslims) with David Platt 

On Good Friday, I joined roughly 60,000 people around the world for Secret Church (see here to read about some of my previous experiences with this event). What a night. You can listen to it (this year’s topic: “Heaven, Hell & The End Times”), and past Secret Churches here, although I’d recommend taking this in smaller chunks than the full 7-ish hours we did at once. It’s a bit of a mental overload 🙂

Secret Church 2013

(This is the small group that I did it with. Awesome time learning and praying together. Doing something like this in community makes a big difference!)

60,000 people being equipped to go out and share God’s love with the world with some solid teaching means God is primed to show up in some big ways. I’m praying that there’s a huge response for the harvest out of this message. And I think that’ll keep going as conversations continue to happen and the material is translated around the world.

Hosting & the Power of Fellowship

Monday morning, I picked up a speaker for Perspectives who ended up staying with me. It turned out to be a moving, challenging couple of days. Besides coming to the Perspectives class I’m coordinating and speaking, I also joined her for the next night’s class, which meant some drive time, and lots of time to ask questions and cover just about everything under the sun (well, maybe not everything, but you get the idea). It turned out to be an incredible opportunity to learn from a seasoned woman in ministry who’s got a heart to equip people so we can finish the Great Commission. She grew up planting churches all over the place, and through her life has had endless experiences of faith, seeing church multiplication and strategic planning. Certainly some ideas that stretch me, and others that get me really excited.

Pinterest Picture, traveling

(The above is a Pinterest Picture, don’t know how to track back well on these… if you’ve got suggestions on how to give credit, please let me know.) 

Hosting someone you don’t know (or have barely met before) is a new experience in and of itself. (I’m thankful for a mother who taught me how to make someone feel at home!) And I think those times never cease to be good experiences, especially among believers… just to get you out of your comfort zone and thinking about someone else first is good, but when you do that for a brother or sister? I think it’s something special.

I’m thankful I’ve had some chances the last few days to learn and grow both individually and to meet other believers who are doing the same, no matter their ages. How’s God been moving in and around you lately? 




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