How do you Pray?


I was introduced to this short video Monday night and I’ve shared in a few times since then with others. It’s got me thinking about prayer in a more focused way. I’m challenged by it.

But as often is the case when hearing truth spoken like this, it’s one thing to get excited about it, and another to implement it into our lives. Here’s a few things that might help.

What helps you stay focused when you pray?

  • Praying corporately really helps me stay focused for a longer period of time. Having resources to guide prayers during this time is helpful, or go around and share prayer requests.
  • Typing out prayers – or writing them out. I use this specifically for my personal prayers, and this is really helpful. I stay more focused when I can see it all written out. 

prayer journaling

  • Creative praying… using art for prayer.


What are some resources for detailed prayers?

What motivates you to pray? What are some other ideas you have for prayer resources or prayer ‘activities’ with others or individually?



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  1. Nice post! thanks!

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