Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Perspectives is a 15 week course designed to “help believers from all walks of life get threaded into God’s story of redeeming people from every tribe, tongue and nation to Himself. It isn’t just a class about missions, but a course on how every believer can be intimately woven into the story of God using His people to be a blessing to all the peoples of the earth.” (Perspectives Alumni)

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is a semester-long course that’s been inspiring people and changing lives since 1974. Perspectives is a ministry of the US Center for World Mission, a non-denominational ministry that exists to enhance the effectiveness of the mission movement among the world’s least reached peoples. (Learn more of the vision here.)

reading with Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

For a solid 15-weeks every spring for the last four years, I’ve been a part of this in some way – watching God show up and draw people to Him. I’ve watched worldviews change in profound, life-altering ways as students begin to catch a larger vision for the nations. As you can imagine, four years of experiences like that start to change you down deep in the very best of ways.

Since January alone, I have hosted a 75-year-old church planter and International speaker in my home, prayed with dozens of believers and helped organized this college-credit level class. I’ve gained networks around the world. I’ve read scripture, countless articles and books and learned from seasoned missionaries. But beyond that – I’ve been stirred up and connected into what God’s doing in the world, and challenged by the need for Him in some of the least reached places. 

Back at the beginning of my Perspectives journey (four years ago, when I first took the class), I was just starting to work for the ministry I’m a part of. I had been broken by the deprivation I saw in the world, and I thought I knew what I was getting into. Four years later, I realize how little I understood about the whole picture. There’s more depth to the heart of God and his glory in the world than I ever imagined. I am inspired through Perspectives as I learn from so many people who have lived – and who are living life well today for the Glory of God.

changing conversations

This spring semester, the students shared some profound reflections as they ended. They say:

Perspectives has changed my prayers. Now, I pray for people I’ve never met before instead of just praying for myself.”

 “This class is revealing – revealing the Gospel for Christians and giving a totally new Perspective and outlook for life.”

 “The more you stretch yourself, the bigger your comfort zone gets. I’m there… my comfort zone was stretched through this class in some of the best ways…

 This class is changing my conversations. I’m redirecting them to talk about God and the world and His glory like I never have before.”

 I’m so much more aware of opportunities to be a part of God’s work. Now I just need to be available.”

 “I’m being gloriously ruined for the kingdom.”

If you’ve ever got a chance to take it (or even visit for a night), Perspectives is something that will shake you up – and probably give you a greater vision and sense of purpose for life. I continue to be blessed and amazed at how God uses this.

Have you taken Perspectives? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the course! Is this the first time you’re hearing about it? What do you think?



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