Ethnic Night for Prayer

Praying corporately really helps me feel like I’m a part of something bigger. This week I pulled together what I’m calling the first Ethnic Night of Prayer. Not only did we pray for a specific country (this time we picked China), but we also had a lot of fun together trying new foods and sharing experiences of our travels. Here’s what we did through the night:

1. Ethnic Dinner


Because ethnic food always makes things more fun 🙂 Actually, I’m a big fan of anything that enhances an experience, gets you a little closer to the heart of the people that you’re praying for, and is something different. Besides that, what great fellowship doesn’t happen around food?


2. Prayer Resources

We didn’t actually share this during the evening, but this might be a good way to start off the prayer time. Prayercast (in conjunction with Operation World) have created prayer videos with a national speaker praying for the country. Check out China’s below:

Next, we shared Country Overviews and information from Operation World:

I used the basic country overview pages and printed out the prayer cards for the 416 unreached people groups in China alone. Even having a few of those to see was impacting when you think about the millions of people in China who have never heard about Jesus.

prayer resources

I’d also suggest getting a copy or two of the book “Operation World” which has far more in-depth resources broken down per country. Especially for an area as vast as China, this is really helpful in understanding and organizing prayer.

We talked about things we knew of China, missionaries we knew working there and information in the handouts that impacted us. Then we went around the room and prayed together for China’s unreached, persecuted church and whatever else came to our hearts for China. Beyond the brief time we prayed together, it’s spurring us to be praying individually for the nations. (I don’t know about you, but sometimes, the encouragement from an evening like this motivates my personal prayer life in new ways too!)

3. Give and Extend the Impact

This part may take a bit more research, but is a great way to keep the momentum going after the prayer night. Here’s one thing that was suggested as a response from the evening: China Radio Church Kits. (We’ve also got the next one planned already, which makes me smile.)

I’d love to hear ideas that you’ve got, especially if you’re putting them into action. Hope this inspires a few more of us to get on our knees for those who desperately need it!



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