Like a Storm Brewing…

I LOVE harbors, lighthouses and the cool breeze coming off the water. It’s beautiful, rich and full of movement and life. But those clouds look dark. It looks like there’s a storm coming…
lighthouse in kenosha

I’m leaving for Haiti Wednesday. It’s not my first trip, nor will it likely be my last. Over the years I’ve formed some of the richest relationships with these people – they have become family and friends and co-workers that I respect and value. And because of that, I am so excited to see them and share so many special moments with them. I am different today because of them.

But it hurts too… and I feel that tension before a storm brewing inside me. I know these kids. I know their stories. I know their pasts, with all the pain and hurt. I know enough of life in Haiti to know that there are still so many child slaves, orphans, abandoned, HIV+, all without hope. There is a heaviness to it. And so every time I step foot in this rich and intoxicating country, it is bittersweet. Pain and hopelessness mingle like the heavy heat and potent scents. But so does hope. 


Today, I’m privileged to get to be a part of bringing hope from my small office in Indiana. But I also get to be a part of seeing nearly 200 kids grow up so different. Loving Shepherd Ministries (the org I work for) has rescued and restored hope to vulnerable kids by placing them in Godly, forever families in their own culture. And today, they’re not desperate or vulnerable anymore. They’re laughing, learning and growing up like normal kids. And I get to go spend some time seeing God at work in their lives.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to try and share what’s going on. I invite you to join me on this journey through the pain and the incredible joys of children who no longer have to face a life of desperation. And maybe some of this can hit home with you too… and start something brewing in your own life.

I’ll be posting regular updates here and on the LSM profiles. Keep in touch here: LSM on FacebookLSM’s Blog, and Twitter!


PS- I’ve got such great friends… and these two are some of the oldest and best. Was entirely blessed and able to just relax and enjoy the weekend with them visiting Javon. Thanks for a great time to just remember the richness of life!

weekend in Kenosha


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