Into Haiti: Day 1


We left the States at 6:30 am and flew into Port-au-Prince, the only two ‘blancs’ (whites) on the flight (perhaps a sign that the last of the earthquake relief teams are fading?). This trip the newness of the country seems to have worn off and a familiarity has taken its place. I reconnected with old friends and co-workers and had lots of conversations.

Before leaving yesterday, I was reading in Ecclesiastes and the words of the commentary jumped out at me. Solomon had said that to gain wisdom meant constantly growing in the knowledge of hurt, pain and being willing to enter into it and be stretched.  I don’t know how much of that is accurate to what it really said, but it’s what I kept thinking as I walked out that door and stepped onto the first and last plane rides of the journey down.

Haiti’s raw like that. And every time I find myself just as raw upon entry. Wisdom is uncomfortable like that in the learning.




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