Beautiful Change


There’s growth here. I’ve seen it every day. As I think back on the first time I stepped foot in the country 5 years ago, I am overwhelmed by the progress I see in the economy. The future for Haiti continues to grow, and that’s so exciting.

VBs 2013 with some girls

It’s also one of the most incredible things to see growth in the kids at LSM. What a privilege to watch them grow up no longer as slaves or orphans but as a child well loved in a family.


This week at camp has proven so far to be an incredible time to breathe that in. We’ve been doing interviews of each of the families, hearing story after story of how God’s showing up in their lives, hearing their giggles and smiles of love… this is the real progression of Haiti.

Love is making a difference.


PS – Check out LSM on facebook and the LSM blog for more updates of what’s happening at camp this week!


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  1. Sarah says:

    Love that pic of u and the kiddos! Love and prayers!

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