Graffiti & Campfires

I loved reading about this Graffiti Art in Cape Town, South Africa. It holds a double meaning… it’s both beautiful on its own and yet full of deep, cultural struggles and responses. I think about how life reflects that as well. What we say and do is something on its own, but it always reflects something deeper happening inside.


I was at a campfire Friday night with our SOS crew (mentoring high school kids), talking with some recent high school grads about what they’re going through in college now. And as they talked about being faced with standing up for what they believe in (many of them for the first time), I thought about the Cape Town art. What we say and do (or don’t do) says something. But it always reflects something deeper that’s happening in our lives.

This quote from Eric Metaxas’s book Bonhoeffer explains this concept well… “Martin Luther said, ‘We are saved by faith alone, but not by faith which is alone.’ That is, we are saved, not by anything we do, but by grace. Yet if we have truly understood and believed the gospel, it will change what we do and how we live. – Timothy J. Keller

I want to dive deep with God so that what flows out in everything I say and do reflects Jesus. That is so clear to me as I think and speak and do life. In the stressful times, and in the relaxed times… dive deep, and let Him flow.



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