Hell’s Maze


Incidentally this was NOT a haunted corn maze, much as a title might suggest but rather a dramatized story of three people’s deaths. Two went to hell and one to heaven. The corn maze walks you through the scenes in a very realistic and moving drama. (It’s still going on in the area here.)

SOS crew at Hell's Maze We took the SOS crew – High schoolers from our church. Despite freezing, we had a really great time, and it provoked some really neat conversations too throughout the evening. And as someone who’s been a believer for many years, I am so thankful for clear representations of the choice that makes all the difference.

An entire community of churches near us put it on. And I thought that was one of the neatest things… these people get it. Coming together with a single focus of reaching a community…

Now that’s a cool version of Hell’s Maze 🙂



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