Being Present

I was talking with someone I work with recently about being too busy. It’s so easy to get so tied up in doing these very important tasks that all too easily our priorities get out of line. And so I’m trying to stop in moments and let the phone call come, let the conversation stop my schedule for a while – and just be present.

quiet reading nook

This is harder than it would seem at times. I’m holed up at 11:30 pm trying to get my notes from several mission meetings this week unscrambled from scribbled notes. As if I were holding up the world and if I missed something, it’d all come crashing down. Not likely. See, what that conversation drew me towards was the reminder that more important than my perfect, timely notes where I didn’t completely forget the conversation, is the people behind them.

The unreached in Southeast Asia and a very special missionary family there. Missionaries from my church that I’m working with a group to support. High school kids that we are trying to point towards Jesus. Orphans and vulnerable kids who desperately need hope. These are important things – these scribbled notes and seemingly endless meetings. They hold priceless and rich conversations about how to support and grow for the vulnerable, the unreached, the searching.

But if I don’t take time to keep it all in perspective, it’s just scribbled notes that are trying to be intelligible. When my head is too full – to busy – I forget the heart that holds it together. And that is why being too busy can hurt me so much. That is why being present with people, with each mission that God’s placed in front of me in the moment, makes all the difference. I don’t do this very well sometimes, but I’m very thankful for the wisdom and shared struggles with those close to me who can remind me of the things most important…

“When we get too caught up in the busyness of the world, we lose connection with one another – and ourselves.” -Jack Kornfield



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