The Cross & a New Year

I said before I left on Friday morning that I wanted CROSScon to be a way to get my heart in focus entering 2014. It did NOT disappoint. In fact, I’m quite positive there’s not much I could have done more to be drawn up into the Gospel message and the Great Commission to the ends of the earth.

Emily and I at CrossCon 2013

5 Things really stuck out to me through CROSScon:

  • The Gospel message was clearly, beautifully proclaimed. Over and over again. You can listen to some of the talks here, which I would totally recommend.
  • Personal spiritual lives were challenged. I can’t say enough good about how challenged I was to dive into the Word, practice spiritual disciplines and just live it out every day. Em and I had the opportunity to have lunch with one of the speakers and were able to talk about what the Gospel looks like on a very practical level in our lives. It was so refreshing.
  • God’s Glory and Salvation were praised. Rich, Gospel focused worship and prayer saturated the whole conference, and I believe God was richly praised. Every time I’m in settings like this, I get so excited for the picture in Revelations of us all together around the Throne someday. 
  • God’s MANDATE to go to all nations (whether physically or by supporting) was boldly stated. I think it’s one of those conferences that we’ll hear about in 30 years – and how God did some amazing things through it to reach the 6,000+ unreached and unengaged people groups of the world.
  • We were sent out to do something about it. And that’s where 2014 can look pretty exciting. But not just if you were at CROSScon. For all who are a part of God’s family, there’s great, eternal hope and some incredible purpose for 2014 and the rest of our time here on earth.

So let’s go 2014!



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