5 Reasons for TESOLS

Groupon’s still offering the deal, and I’d highly recommend TESOLS. Here’s 5 reasons why:

$69 for a 160-Hour Online TESOL-Certification Course with Job Bank and e-Library Access from TESOLS.com ($944 Value)

1. It’s $69. That’s a steal for any kind of furthering education…

2. It’s a virtual passport to nearly anywhere in the world. Not only is that a cool way help people and travel, it allows you access to countries you couldn’t just ‘go to’. See here for some places where this could radically change things. Essentially, TESOLS enables viable jobs where you will interact directly with people from that culture.

3. This will help with any cross-cultural interaction, because you’ll be more self-aware of the assumed things in your own language. While the misunderstandings are often fairly entertaining, they’re frustrating too. Here’s a couple of examples of some literal translations gone bad:

  • The Coca-Cola® name in China was first read as “Kekoukela,” meaning “Bit the wax tadpole” or “female horse stuffed with wax,” depending upon the dialect. Coke® then researched 40,000 characters to find a phonetic equivalent “kokou kole,” translating into “happiness in the mouth.”
    • When Gerber® started selling baby food in Africa, they used the same packaging as in the United States, with the smiling baby on the label. Later, they learned that in Africa, companies put the pictures on the labels of what’s inside since many people can’t read.

4. It gives you a better global worldview. No matter where you use it, or even if it doesn’t get practical use, it’s a good source to think outside of yourself and your small world… to think about the reasons you say things and the way you assume things. (I think it helps in regular conversations with other English-speakers too!)

5. You just never know where God will move you. Taking the opportunities to learn and grow as an individual could be useful in a number of cross-cultural experiences later on, whether that happens overseas, in your city with refuges or even online. In our ever-shrinking world, these kinds of resources have never been more appropriate.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. I know some have done similar programs, and I’m excited to hear feedback from others who have done this – especially if you’ve used it in cross-cultural contexts. What did you think of the course?



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