I’m Not Home Yet

I got in my car yesterday and heard this song on the radio. It was so fitting – the perfect reminder I needed for this next step.

I drove to a meeting where I signed a lot of papers… and bought a house. All the while, this song was echoing in my heart:I’m not home yet. This is not where I belong. Take this world and give me Jesus. This is not where I belong…” 


This place is just a [cute and cozy] house, and these walls are a place to be used. My simple prayer is this… I want it to be a loud beacon for this little house, all who live there and for my life. “Lord, I know I’m not home yet. This world is not where I belong. So take this step and give me Jesus. I’ll use this, and I’ll hold it loosely, because I know it’s not ultimately where I belong. Let this temporary dwelling be a ‘light on a hill’ reflecting your glory.”


2 thoughts on “I’m Not Home Yet

  1. Sarah

    so exciting, Amber!! What a cute place and I love your perspective on everything:) You haven’t taken this decision lightly!

  2. Amber Post author

    Call it the curse of the introvert, but I’m a thinker😉 Thanks for the support and encouragement through this. So appreciate you, friend!


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