This Little House

My little place is coming together! The house itself didn’t need any structural work (thankfully!), but I did a complete re-painting and for that reason alone it already looks quite different. So for those of you who’d like the tour of this cozy little abode, keep scrolling for the before and afters of the moving/painting process.

my house

Kitchen: (looking to add some art and an island/dishwasher at some point)


Living Room: 


My Bedroom:
bedroomGuest Room/Office (still a work in progress – but functional for guests!) and Bath: 

spare-bathSecond bedroom isn’t pictured, but you can head over to my friend/roommate’s blog and keep in touch with Javon here. Very thankful to have her living here too!

As I’m settling in, I’m also praying for opportunities with new neighbors. But I’m curious to learn from you: how do you meet/build relationships with those who live around you? I’ve always found it hard to build natural relationships when I move to a new area… that’s some wisdom I’d love to glean as the unpacking phase ends and Spring begins.


6 thoughts on “This Little House

  1. Sarah

    Wow, it looks SO GOOD Amber! Love your color choices!

    It’s tricky meeting neighbors when it’s technically their responsibility to meet YOU since you just moved in🙂

    If at all possible, spend time outside so you are a familiar face. Or you could do the door-to-door thing but that’s a bit intimidating. Take Javon with you!🙂

    1. Amber Post author

      Great thoughts🙂 And thanks Sarah. I’ve met a couple of the neighbors so far, so I’m sure it’ll come.

  2. Emily

    Amber, your house looks beautiful!! You have such a gift in making things pretty and welcoming. Can’t wait to come and visit!!


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