A Million Reasons

I could tell you a million reasons why I love what I do. I am priviledged to see lasting change in the lives of women and children. I see generations that will look different because of what I’m a part of today. That’s indescribably powerful.


Last week, I was reminded once again of this gift at CAFO Summit 2014. I spent the week with staff, advocates and a host of adoptive families, foster parents, global orphan care workers and passionate believers who all gathered for one purpose – to stand together on behalf of vulnerable children.


How moving to stand with a host of people spanning several nations gathering together for something so close to the Father’s heart. (Read about a similar experience gathering for unreached peoples/nations here.) I pray that I never cease to feel the wonder of those moments.

Summit reminded me, like I am reminded many days in a million little ways, how abundant life lived in the purpose of God’s Kingdom is. What a precious gift to be tasked with caring for the vulnerable of this world.

I hope you are encouraged in the task before you too. Whether you stand this week with a host of believers around you, or discouraged in the trenches, I pray the sense of purpose and fulfillment is strong. We all face moments of crisis where the throngs of support aren’t physically there. But I pray that in those times we remember standing together at places like Summit, praising, encouraging and dreaming of a world that looks different.



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