Acknowledging Unexpectedness

Although I’d still like to note that I’m “far” from leaving my 20s, I loved this article: “What if your 20’s weren’t what you Expected?” // The Gospel Coalition // Jackie Knapp. She brought out three points that echo so many conversations I’ve had with friends over the years…

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1. When We Want to Change the World

Somewhere between an overload of world news and a heavy dose of idealism, many of us have come to believe we can change the world. And I think it’s a GREAT and POWERFUL idea. But with that, we need to be realistic – to know that we aren’t the Savior, that we can’t go it alone, and that we have to focus. When we make a difference in the life of one child, one community or one people group – we are a part of that change. Changing the world is a powerful ideal that brings with it great purpose. But if we’re to survive the throws of that work, we need to take an honest look at what that will cost us and keep perspective.

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2. Dealing with Disappointments

Inevitably, life will disappoint us – often on that pursuit to change the world – or at least change our own. But what if those same dreams that didn’t pan out lead us to something better? As a Christian, I believe that God is leading me on a path to bring His name glory. And if I am seeking and running this race for Him, accepting the path that twists and turns differently than I anticipate is part of that.

3. Understanding the Role of the Church

Mentors, godly friends and supportive small groups (often found within the church) are some of the best places to be plugged in to when you’re working through shattered dreams. These same people will likely know how to encourage you to pick back and up and try something new.

The Church is also full of people who are trying to live out Christ’s teachings too. And if we’re on a mission to change the world, we can certainly accomplish far more together than we can apart. Plugging into the body of Christ (both locally and globally) can change things.

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I love conversations like this – mostly because they challenge so many of my immediate reactions to situations. They challenge me to live better, respond well and find grace today. I hope it does the same for you.




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  1. Sarah F says:

    So funny. I totally know Jackie Knapp! Looks like a great post I’ll have to read when I have a moment 🙂

    1. Amber says:

      I wondered. The name sounded like someone with AC roots 🙂 so funny!

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