Weaving Threads

David Platt talks about this concept of weaving threads of the Gospel into everyday conversations. He first heard it as he spent time with a group of missionaries working in a closed Muslim context. They couldn’t openly talk about Jesus or they risked losing their business and being kicked out of the country. But what they could do was talk about the Gospel in little threads – weaving tantalizing pieces of their faith into everyday conversations with their co-workers. And as they lived faithfully, talking and living out their faith, a full tapestry begins to take shape. It opened the doors for deeper conversations. Muslims all across the area started coming to faith in Jesus Christ!

From: http://lagarconne-blog.tumblr.com/post/70898212222/top-to-bottom-national-geographic-kabyle-woman
From: http://lagarconne-blog.tumblr.com/post/70898212222/top-to-bottom-national-geographic-kabyle-woman

Basically, weaving Gospel threads into everyday conversation just means talking about God, his presence and active work in my life and what He means to me. So instead of just saying, “Wow, look at that sunset!” I can point it back to the Creator. “Wow, I bet God just loves painting the sky every night. Isn’t He incredible? Just think about the awesomeness of God who created the sky and universe!”

Those conversations, over time, create an atmosphere of praise and intimate relationship with God that is clear and evident. When it’s backed up by how we respond to everyday struggles and joys in our lives, people want to know more. It sets Christians apart with a joy and beauty that is noticeable! 

From: http://www.flickr.com/photos/citlali/3424011051/
From: http://www.flickr.com/photos/citlali/3424011051/

That’s the power of the Gospel anyway, right? It transforms everything about who we were and makes us new creatures. We live differently, we react differently, and we should see things differently. Those moments of praise should work their way out of our mouths too. And as that tapestry weaves together, threads that individually wouldn’t mean much, suddenly become pieces of the Gospel story.

Check out the sermon series here: Threads

I pray these inspire you and reshape the way you think about personal evangelism too. To me, this seems so much more practical and natural… and I’m actively looking for opportunities to speak His name into everyday conversations.

Tell me how it goes for you! Does this open more conversations to talk about Jesus? 




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