Keep Your Feet Grounded


I met a woman on the plane this morning who just lost her husband to cancer a mere three months ago. She was traveling to Scotland for holiday with her cousin, a chance to get away and heal. We talked the whole flight – both tearful by the end – acknowledging the hardness of life, the resiliency and wholeness of life with faith amidst that pain, and the incredible gift of people.

This woman has a story. And it makes me want to step back for a minute. Because somewhere in that pain, she was at peace. She had hope and strength that doesn’t just come on your own.  This woman reminded me of a simple and profound life choice: keep your feet grounded on the Rock. 

take from:
take from:

She is ok. This woman shared deep abuses from her past, the tragic – and slow – death of her husband, and the incredible things she’s overcome in life. How could a woman like that have so much strength? In incredible weakness, Christ made her strong. He showed up in her hard times (sometimes in the form of dreams, sometimes in the form of friends) but there was always someone or something there to carry her through.

taken from:
taken from:

I think about the myriad of people I’ve met in the course of my life who exemplify that same message. They give me courage. Courage that we can get through incredibly hard things in life when we have Christ as our Rock. Courage that we can weather storms with each other. And courage to believe that this kind of strength and peace is possible through tragedy.

I sit here thinking about her smile, I’m reminded of the opportunities we have to touch the lives of people around us every day. May we be firmly planted on the Rock so we can boldly weather the storms together.



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