Recognizing Beauty

There was a movement a while back on Facebook where you were supposed to share five pictures that made you feel beautiful. I thought about that – about how much we as women just need reminders that we are beautifulWe need to embrace the natural qualities that make us lovely, instead of constantly comparing or tearing apart the details of our bodies.

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I have found that some of the most beautiful women I’ve met strike this simple balance. They embrace their personal beauty elegantly, but are not afraid of their flaws. They also have a deeper strength and gracefulness that flows out of them and spills life into their face. They are lovely. They are confident in the natural ways that they have been created to be. They are the women I want to be like. 

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This is a journey for me, and I suspect many others. So I’m doing some things to surround myself more with those lovely women that I admire. Things like “Thankful Parties” and nights with my grandma, and grabbing coffee with mentors and finding those elements of truth in each experience.

I think maybe this is a step closer to true freedom. Freedom to embrace life and recognize that what He has created is beautiful. For its not until we truly embrace it for ourselves that we can ever hope to spread that dignity and life to others.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lori says:

    I love this post Amber! So true!

    1. Amber says:

      Thanks Lori 🙂

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