Giving Back with Your Gifts

I love Christmas. And as I sit here with the twinkling lights making my little house so cozy, I’m just reminded how grateful I am. Grateful for the Savior we celebrate. Grateful for the family and friends who make this season so special. And in the midst of the holiday flurries, grateful for purpose in the little things. You see, each Christmas, I ask myself: How can the gifts I’m giving make a real impact and show the people closest to me how much they mean to me?

I’ve come across some great organizations that are empowering people worldwide. I’m making really simple homemade gifts that are meaningful and personal. And for me, it becomes part of what makes the holidays so special.

Here’s a few ideas that can make gift-giving a meaningful experience this Christmas: 

photo source:
photo source:

Give a Gift that Gives Back: 

Gifts with a Purpose: Jen Hatmaker // She’s compiled a great list of companies and organizations that are giving back with each purchase. It’s a great list – and I’ve boughten more than one gift off of this list.

Christmas Giveaway: Sarah Flying Kites // Sarah’s a personal friend of mine and she’s highlighting three organizations (one of them is LSM which is a shameless plug). But she’s also got some great sources that you should check out for Christmas gifts.

Yobel Market // High quality products that are empowering local artisans worldwide.

Live Fashionable // Their scarves from Ethiopia are AMAZING…

LSM: Gifts of Hope // Give a life-changing gift to a vulnerable child this Christmas in Haiti or Ethiopia. Check out LSM for options.

Try Something Homemade: 

Pinterest is full of some great ideas, and there’s no end to the cute holiday goodies you can assemble. Maybe I’ll share more about my family’s homemade gifts after our Christmas (so the secrets don’t get out), but these homemade gifts have become a well-loved tradition for my family. Or if you’re not so creative yourself, simply gift from ETSY or another vendor site from small businesses.

Homemade Biscotti

I’d love to hear your ideas for gifts as you’re preparing for Christmas. What kind of creative gift-giving do you do? How do you show your family and friends that you love them? And how do you give back during the holidays?



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