Saying Thanks & Giving Hope

I am realizing that I need to consciously and intentionally be thankful. What I mean is that I’m coming to see that to live in joy, I have to stop in the middle of a hectic or emotional moment where things just feel hard – and remember how much I have to be thankful for. Why? Because some days I just don’t naturally dwell on the good. It’s far too easy to think about what isn’t going right, rather than simply being grateful on a daily basis for what is. And for as unnatural as that can be in a disappointing or difficult situation – I want to be filled up with little tangible reminders of God’s goodness.

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So when I see a great idea like Donate Hope, I get really excited for the good things it can bring. This social media campaign has a simple message. Be thankful. And do something about it. DonateHope asks you to post a video of something you’re thankful for, and then donate to vulnerable kids in Haiti (with Loving Shepherd Ministries.) The goal is to get us thinking about the things we have to be thankful for – and giving so that children around the world can have those same opportunities…

My roommate and I joined up and did a video together- and had so much fun sharing our thanks with friends and mentors who have touched our lives. Check out our video here:

You can jump on board too. What are you thankful for? And how can you share your thanks with others?



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  1. the thankful party was so great – it was honor to be there. thank YOU!

  2. Amber says:

    Pretty thankful for the years of friendship, Sarah 🙂 Made me think of those bible studies before I even started high school… Those are such neat moments to look back on!

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