On the peak of earthly glory
I look back in surprise on the path I have taken
which I would never have been able to invent for myself,
an incredible path through hopelessness
from which I was yet able
to send humanity a reflection of Your rays of light
And for as long as it is necessary that I keep reflecting them,
You will let me do so.
And what I do not finish — well then,
You have assigned others the task.
 by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
photo source:

>> When the Straight and Narrow Isn’t by Jonathan Trotter, A Life Overseas Blog

The “plan of God for my life,” the path I was following with full confidence and youthful arrogance, disappeared. Because sometimes the straight and narrow isn’t. God doesn’t always lead in straight lines. He is the God of fractals, making beauty and order out of lines that look like a drunk man was drawing during an earthquake. Left-handed.

>> This Year: A Simple Song by JJ Heller

Happy New Year! May it be rich and rewarding, no matter how crooked the path seems.



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