Five Ways to Get Involved Internationally Right Here

I’ve been blessed with opportunities to travel around the world. Those experiences are rich, both in the new experiences and perspectives and the relationships that are formed. I look forward to many more trips like this throughout life – but you certainly don’t have to leave the country to experience at least a taste of the same!

Here’s a few ideas of where to start right where you are:

1. Go to your local Ethnic Restaurants and meet the people!

Ethnic Restaurants

You never know what doors can open up as you hit up some of the best restaurants around you. Traditional joints are usually small, run by a family with people who are friendly and would love new friends. Gather a couple friends and make it a point to bless those international families!

2. Join your local International House or ministry to refugees. 

Some cities have a plethora of ministries and ways to get involved with internationals. In my city, there’s I House, which offers support and community to women and children coming from overseas. Look in your city and see where you can plug in!

3. Find ways to cook together! League of Kitchens is a great example.

I just read about League of Kitchens and think this idea is awesome! We all connect over food, right? What opportunities and friendships can open up as we gather to cook together?

4. Pray with your friends.

prayer nights I’ve talked about this before, but the Ethnic Prayer Nights we do has just been incredible. Gather around with your friends and make it a fun night – but be intentional about praying for the nations. We’ve done a lot of new research through that, pulled out Operation World, and been so blessed by these experiences.

 5. Host exchange students! 

This is a new one for our family, and it’s been the best journey so far. What a powerful chance to share love with students around the world – and learn to embrace other cultures right in your home. I cannot describe how blessed we are by this experience.

There’s many other ways you can tangibly make a difference in a family’s life who has just moved to the States or who might just have some real practical needs you can help meet. But regardless, I think I can safely say that those experiences are some of the richest and most eye-opening you could have. You might even find that we’re not as different as we might sometimes think…



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