From Where Does your Strength Come?

When you’re on the edge of the cliff, where do find the courage to leap?

When you reach the top of the mountain and you see a journey you’ve survived and the breathtaking view at the top, who do you praise? 

Path taken

When world falls apart where do you land?

When you’re stumbling and struggling to take even one more step forward, where do you find the energy to walk on? 

You don’t really know the answers to these things until you’re staring them in the face. They come in the throws of it, as you’re hiking the mountain and you’re feeling every painful step up. If you’re a believer, I hope those questions all point you back to God. I hope you have seen that and felt that in your life. I hope you find that the inner strength that pushes you forward comes from the Spirit at work inside of you, often in the mundane everyday when we’re faithfully ploughing forward with hope and great expectations.

Path in Haiti

I’m seeing that with a bit of awe in my life right now as I watch some big things in life made somehow holy and peaceful – because there’s been a lot of the everyday time poured into it. I’m seeing it with a great sense of wonder in the life of a friend who is facing one of the toughest times of her life with a grace and peacefulness that is undeniably not of herself.

The ups and downs of life can’t just be avoided. But how we respond in the middle of them can be beautifully transformed. And it can, I think, be redemptive to many others too.

Ambiguous posts are often a little hard to follow, but I think what I’m trying to say here is just… “Carry on, Warrior.” Carry on in the everyday times with God, in the building up and diving deep and searching and committing a life to God. Because when we do it – and continually do it well – that foundation is there when we need it most. And the answers to those questions will flow off our lips with pure focus – “God.”



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  1. Lori says:

    You said it well and I say Amen!!

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