Really Living

I wonder, at the end of my life, will someone say of me that I had reached my death by really, truly living?

Because we will you know. We will reach the end of our lives and fade away in death. And I wonder if people will believe and know that I really lived well – that I gave everything I had in this life to make it more beautiful and full for those who know me… I’m reading a book right now with some great questions to ask:

“How fast can we run? How deeply can we laugh? Can we ever give more than we receive? How much gratitude can we show? How many of the least of these can we touch along the way? How many seeds will we get into the ground before we ourselves are planted?” – Death by Living, N.D. Wilson

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With questions like these, how can we care about missing suitcases on a trip or flat tires when we’re in a rush or plugged sewer lines that take a week to fix (yeah, that happened)? How could we ever think that our lives were so consumed by these small and insignificant happenings?


Life. Like my tiny new niece, Averi Sue, who I will pray over and watch grow and invest time and energy and lots of sore knees as I crawl around with her on the floor… I will watch her as her whole life unfolds – and I think that sense of awe and wonder makes life more precious. More finite. More amazing…


I want to run to the end of this life with everything I’ve got. I want to be spent for the Father, for the Kingdom that He’s allowing me to be a part of. And I want to invest deeply in the life of little Averi, of those God continually places in front of me. For at the end, I want people to truly say that I died by really living.



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  1. Emily says:

    It is incredible how much love you can feel for a tiny human. Purposeful living in thinking about the example you want to be for her and others. Love you!

  2. Amber says:

    Agreed Emily 🙂 I love the conversations we’ve had about things like this over the years. Makes my heart smile to be doing this with some great warrior friends 🙂

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