To be Loved

My little niece Averi is six months old. I’ve had fun playing photographer for her as a newborn and at her 6 month session. And each time as we giggle and dress her up and ooh and ah over how beautiful she is, I think of how blessed this little girl is.

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Born into a family with aunts and uncles and parents who love her deeply. Born with endless opportunities and a faith community around her that will support her and help her grow. She will never have to be alone. 

And then I think about so many children that I’ve met around the world. Children that before they reach the age of five have watched their parents die horrible deaths, known the pain of starvation, experienced the whip at the hands of their masters and watched as the world around them seemed to want to swallow them up.

vulnerable childrenThese children aren’t starting with the incredible privilege of love that my niece is. But that reality should not paralyze us. That should compel us with every fiber of our being to change that story for more children.

I write this as someone who spends every day working on behalf of vulnerable children around the world. And I write this as an aunt, who sees the plight of children just as worthy as my niece Averi and knows that it isn’t right. But its deeper than all of that too. I loved how Together 4 Adoption’s blog wrote this:

We should be energized for the same reasons we are humbled. Because caring for others is primarily the ministry of Jesus, through union with him we participate in what he does. This guarantees effectiveness! What we do for the fatherless matters—really matters—eternally. Even when we are “off our game,” Jesus takes our five loaves and two fish (Matthew 14:19) and multiplies them exponentially. When we engage in caring for orphans in Jesus’ name, it’s never just us, or even primarily us: it’s Jesus! If anything will mobilize us as Christians for long-term missional engagement, it will be a deeper understanding and appreciation of our union with Christ. It really is just that simple. (Read more here.)

This Sunday is Orphan Sunday, and I’d encourage you to do something special to remember those vulnerable children. Pray. Connect with an organization that’s actively working to change the lives of vulnerable children around the world. Look into foster care in your area. Talk to an adoptive family… Collectively we can make a difference – for the vulnerable children who deserve to know what family is.

Step by Step,
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