An Honest Look Inward


“You were only meant, created, commanded to be who you are.” – Shauna Niequist

If you look ahead 10 years, who do you see yourself becoming?

I was talking with someone recently who gave me a picture of the qualities they thought I needed to learn to really be successful in life. It was an eye-opening moment. Their image for my life was far different from the person I really want to become.

I believe we become what we invest our lives in. We become like the people we are around the most. But if our lives simply become a pursuit of something others want for us, we lose the unique, God-given ability we have to really impact the world for His kingdom.


I realized how easy it is to quietly tuck parts of my spirit when they don’t seem to benefit the “needs” immediately in front of me. Things that inspire me or are something that might ultimately even lead someone else closer to Jesus seem like easy things to cut when I’m overwhelmed with a list of things that I feel like I’m expected to be.

“How many of us have learned to look inwardly with courage?” – Oswald Chambers

Sometimes we need to step back and think about the 10-year view of ourselves. And if it’s not who we want to be, then we need to start asking the questions that will help us prune or add the necessary things that we need to change. God has created us uniquely with talents, passions and personality for His glory.

I don’t want to miss my unique part in making God famous because I was too busy trying to fit into this world. 

These two devotionals have been really helpful to me as I’ve considered this theme over the last week:

Shauna Niequist: Be Who God Created You to Be

Oswald Chambers: Have you Ever Been Alone With God?

I’d love to hear your journey too. Do you like the 10-year version of yourself? What are you doing to intentionally become who God wants you to be?

Step by Step,

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  1. David Alves says:

    Amber, you asked us to look ahead 10 years. You also asked us to share with you our stories. I share this to encourage you and your readers.

    Forty years ago, my wife, Marcy and I made a similar decision. We were doing special music for a renowned Christian author and speaker. We stayed to attend the workshop he was leading. The first question he placed before the audience was: When you’re old, what do you want to be like? What kind of person do you want to be thirty or forty years from now? Then he had us each make a list of the traits and characteristics we wanted to see in ourselves. We made our lists. My point is this.

    Now I’m old. Those years seem to have passed in the blink of an eye. But . . . I made a decision forty years ago. I chose to be gentle, compassionate, good humored, encouraging, approachable, caring, a good listener, a devoted disciple of Jesus, and a man with ripe fruits of the Spirit. Though I fall short of my ideal, my wife, daughters, their husbands, friends, and others tell me that I am that man. They are my only important credentials. Had I left that seminar without making a decision or had I left without lifting that decision to the Lord to make it a reality, I would not be the old man I envisioned back then.

    Your invitation to your readers–to make a similar “10-year” evaluation–has the potential to be life-changing for them. Of course you knew that or wouldn’t have written. I’m praying that your words will go in and find fertile, rich soil in minds and hearts. That many who read this will take your challenge to heart and follow through.

    Thank you for writing. I don’t mean to embarrass you, but you have a gift (several actually). Keep writing. It’s a lonely vocation. Don’t let stats discourage you. Don’t let self-doubt defeat you. Just keep exhorting and encouraging us along the path home.

    Every blessing.

    1. Amber says:

      David, Thank you so much for the great encouragement! It is so easy to live in the hustle of life and miss the greater picture, but I am deeply grateful for the example of many believers (like you!) who are willing to encourage and speak into the the next generation. – Amber

      1. David Alves says:

        Most welcomed.

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